History of Airsoft BB Guns

How The Airsoft Guns Came To Use- A Short History

Airsoft guns have been in use for a few decades now, and the gun-play is one of the much preferred recreational activities globally. That’s why, if you are also an enthusiast of guns and weapons, and love the art of firing to practice it as and when you want to, then it would be great to invest your energy on these guns. However, if the whole concept is new to you, and you want to start learning about this much-loved gameplay from the beginning, then you must know a little history of airsoft guns.

The first airsoft

Japan made the first airsoft guns. It was the year 1970. Then the first guns were released by the name of siftair guns. The arms were made perfect to cater to the needs of the enthusiasts who love shooting and related games. However, rules and regulations covering the use of the guns were stringent at that time and fell under the gun control system of japan.

This name they gave to the guns contained the words soft air. And this means or refers to the use of the Freon-Silicon oil mix that was used in those guns in a compressed form. However, this mix was replaced after some time by another combination of propane-silicone oil, which was also called the Green Gas. And this mixture was the propellant fuel. But the power of this fuel was weaker than the carbon dioxide fuel which has been used on actual air guns also called, the B.B. guns or pellet guns and airsoft shotguns.

How the airsoft guns found their use?

The airsoft guns found their use as a target shooting an amusing game weapon. This was used for practising such games. They contained plastic pellets. And these plastic pellets can be shot at humans without worrying. They don’t cause damage, and can at the highest leave a light red mark at the point of contact without creating hurt or harm. That’s why they became famous for wargaming in casual style.

How airsoft guns became popular in the U.K

In the late 1980s and also through the 1990s, the airsoft guns became popular. The company which was responsible for this was L.S. they made it famous in the U.K. Those guns, at that time were sold in parts, and they required assembling. Only after joining the parts of the weapons, they were made ready to fire the pellets.

With time, the equipment in the kit of the airsoft guns was made almost exact replicas of real firearms. And this made the use of airsoft guns more fun. That’s because shooting enthusiasts found more excitement in the use of lookalike guns.

The use after the 1980s

It was after the mid of the 1980s that the airsoft guns were used for recreational activities. Airsoft gun use on casual war games and sports is for all ages, and anyone can enjoy this. That is all about the history of airsoft guns, and now they are highly popular worldwide.